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Objects are only for the Sims 3. They are not made by me. It's only conversion or recolor! If you don't like object or it's size, please don't leave me negative comments, cause I DIDN'T CREATE IT. You can download object for TS2, try to convert or resize it by your own and be fully satisfied. Big thanks to creators of s3pe, s3oc, ObjectTool, SimPE cause I convert all this stuff with this programs and I use tutorial from (thank you Jonesi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only convert clutter for now. If you want to make request please give me links. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please request here I WILL IGNORE REQUESTS GIVEN IN ANOTHER POSTS!

TS2 curly hair conversion (requested)

for teen-elder
I included package and sims3pack. (I have WA and 2.3 version of the game, sims3pack installed normally)


 Thanx Annihilation for help


Anonymous said...

YAY! I've been wanting someone to convert this hair from TS2. It looks good, I'm going to try it :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You are trully awesome!
I have every single item that you converted in my downloads folder! :D
I wanted to say to you a long time ago but i thought that it would be rude of me :(
I want desperately someone to convert this hairstyle:
(The Maxis messy men hair)
It was my favourite one but nobody converted it...:(
So please if you find the time and if you want to please make an attempt to convert it...
I would be so gratefull... :)
Thank very much..

Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely fantastic, i luv you!

Anonymous said...

Hey i requested first the Myos hair
and where is it? );

korea said...

Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

So since you're soo good convertong hairs
could you please convert any of this ones for me?
Please just look at them, and if you like one or two please try to convert them );
thank you :D!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I really like this hairstyle, I used it alot in The Sims 2. Unfortunately, I can't download it, because it seems that the bandwith is exceeded...

Take care,

Anonymous said...

your sims are so. ugly.

Jessica Rivera said...

I agree
wtf is with these models, they're fucking hideous.

Anonymous said...

this hair looks better in ts2
but, it's ok =D

Nina said...

I love this conversion, however, the download link states their service is currently unavailable in my country. :(

Anonymous said...

I too can not download this beautiful things. Please help.

Ellie Sjöström said...

this hair is so beautiful, will you PLEASE fix it so I can Download it? I have to have it

Anonymous said...

Link no longer contains this file. Such a shame as just found your site.

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