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Objects are only for the Sims 3. They are not made by me. It's only conversion or recolor! If you don't like object or it's size, please don't leave me negative comments, cause I DIDN'T CREATE IT. You can download object for TS2, try to convert or resize it by your own and be fully satisfied. Big thanks to creators of s3pe, s3oc, ObjectTool, SimPE cause I convert all this stuff with this programs and I use tutorial from (thank you Jonesi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only convert clutter for now. If you want to make request please give me links. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please request here I WILL IGNORE REQUESTS GIVEN IN ANOTHER POSTS!


Please give your requests here. From this moment I will ignore all requests given in another posts. It's hard for me to watch all comments.
I won't ignore all old requests, I remember all them and I will do everything if it's possible for me as soon as I can.

I will ignore requests without links!


Leah Marie said...

I would love these

Johanna said...

Hello! i don't know if it is possible, as it is not cuttler, but an usable object. Would you please try to convert the cookerhood you can see in this page, at 4ESF?

Very nice site, i've been wainting for that since i bought the sims 3!


(sorry i'm french, my english is bad)

La China said...

Could you please convert this stuff?

I look for some pipes, but all the set is great...

please, please, please?
BTW. I LOVE your work :-)

La China said...

WAIT! Sorry, I think this simvention stuff is great too!

Steam Factory...

and brass pipes...

What do you think?
(thanks in advance, just for create this thread and read it)

kerim.s said...

I hd at TS2 a great set of dishes. The set is called Silverwear by Shino&KCR (You know this set).
Here are the link:

Then you need to dodownload the set here the link to download it free at booty.

Anonymous said...

Can you convert this? (the duck)

Anonymous said...

Could you please do this one I just entered a contest at BPS, and it would be perfect. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kitchen Clutter:

Anything from ATS2 would be nice.

The Betel set at the same site has some nice kitchen wall racks that would be nice to convert but probably would have to clone a painting to get them attached to the wall? The rest are in the booty.

Anonymous said...

Hi, A big thank you for these downloads from sims 2...
I think it's awesome that you share these with us!!!
Do you have a tutorial how to do this and what to use for it, so I can try this help...
And 2 requests from me...
Can you convert spiral stairs, working and half walls?
I would love these, cause I miss them...
Again, thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I love all your clutter conversions!

Could you *please* convert the stacked washer/dryer?
There was only one done on MTS for TS2 and the creator is no longer active.

Anonymous said...

^ Is it possible to convert the stacked washer dryer as a one tile dresser? There is a Sims 3 one tile dresser here:

Can it be cloned and turned into the washer/dryer? Being able to get clothes from it would be the best!

Thanks for all your hard work!

hunnybeebzz said...

I know we may not ever have horses we can ride in the game, but could you convert the horse statues from here or here
There's more I want to ask you for but I will wait to do so until after this.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this one is too complicated, but it certainly would be appreciated!

The Welsh Dresser:

kerim.s said...

Can you convert objects from simplystyling 2
Look that you want to convert. It's up to you.

Anonymous said...

can u convert this ?

and this

and the bed on the right ^^

so this is the last

i hope its not to mutch =D

have fun ^^ and thx a lot =)

Krystan said...

I posted this in another thread awhile back, but just in case you missed it, I'll repost here:

I'd really like the objects converted from this set: I mainly want the stuffed animals, dolls and the 2 perfume bottles. Also, I'm not sure if you can extract stuff from TS2 or not, but I'd really like the bowl of sea glass that you could dig up on the beach in Bon Voyage.

Armonia said...

Hmmm, sorry, me again... may I ask for this stuff conversions? (we need some wheels, don't you think?)

Whater wheel:

World of Wagons (wheels, nameplates, roof -center and end pieces- and buffers)

Thank you very (very) much!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much ANYTHING by ~Monica~ on TSR (free/select artist)

But more specifically, these sets:

Thank you so much for all your work!!!
I love you for these conversions!

Rhiannon said...

I second La China's request for factory pipes, wires, wall deco, broken or old industrial stuff. I too would LOVE to see the Steam Factory, Olemantiker's Factory Pipes, and Garden of Shadow's Broken World set converted.

As well as ATS's rusted and painted pipes
Part of the bathroom sets found in...

Thanks in advance. The work you have done to date is simply fantastic and I thank you for your time and hard work.

Krystan said...

I have a few more random clutter requests.

The jade dragon here:,12861.0.html This would go well with the WA expansion.

I love Hello Kitty and I used these in like all my little girls' bedrooms in TS2 and would love these converted:

I would love the little glass pump bottles from here: The ones in the third pic are the ones I mean.

The last thing I wanted to request is the bunny bear that comes from the TS2 Exchange. I thought it was super cute and even if it's not playable like the bear, I'd love it to just sit on dressers or tables in bedrooms.

JTheGreat said...

Wow, I love your work. Great job, I'm absolutely addicted to your clutter.

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a conversion for these lovely Garden of Shadows objects? (just the mouse and keyboard, I'm not that demanding) (the manuscripts)

LOL, you can probably tell my sim's a writer.

Truntefie said...


I would like to request this bedroom 11, by Jope

Thanks in advance

hannukkaz said...

I would love to have some christmas clutter!! If you know any links or something please hit me wiht an email. (

audrey said...

hey! i'm glad someone is willing to convert clutter to ts3, so i'll give you some suggestions. you convert just custom items or you're able to extract them from the game as well? if so, i would like the pipes from apartament life and the hobbie/clutter pieces from free time.
it's a looong list! - decorative tray - condiments + utensils - condiments & book + pot - condiments + pot - herbs and condiments (they're in the booty!) - decorative bottles - the whole set is cute, but if i were you i'd convert the boxes - empty bowls + full bows
and pleeease, i would be delighted if you could convert s2s stuffed giraffe. the mesh is here (

thank you in advance! ;)

Anonymous said...


hannukkaz said...

I would love to have these before christmas! They all are christmas clutter wich I could use in my story.

If you could make even some of those!

Anonymous said...

Wow! it's so great! :D I like this furniture:

Anonymous said...

Please, I love:

Anonymous said...

This objects is't really cool!

Anonymous said...

This is from lime-love. Can you convert the wall writing wall clutter?

Blanket and pillow from Peace and Unrest:
direct link to download:

Thankyou in advance! Love the conversions :3

Anonymous said...

Hey mate, I see you always post the mods in the .package format, is it possible to you put them in the .sims3pack too? Because the .package causes my game to slow down, and the .sims3pack don't.


Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for all your wonderful conversions! I don't know if you're still taking requests, but I really hope so, I came across these books:

I'd loooove to have them in my game, would you pretty please consider converting them? <3

Anonymous said...

Hello ^-^!
I was wishing that someone would come along and convert something from this blog:

Big thanks to you for uploading stuff to stuff my house with =]

Anonymous said...

Can you convert the beach set at Glamorous Lounge

Anonymous said...

I have a can make the things to work like worked in the sims 2? or only be for decorate

Because there were great thing that could help you to make movies with sims 2 (to control the sim)

Jasmine said...

Do you convert hair? I've been dying to get this in my game:

Please and thank you! (:

Jasmine (again, sorry!) said...

I forgot to ask about this one too:

It's from the same creator as the hair I mentioned in my previous post.

Anonymous said...

Request Plz

I'd like the X-Mas 2008 by SimGedohns Here is link:

Also Modus-Office wall signs & plants. Here is link:

I have files if you need them. :)

Nory said...

First of all I would like to thank you for all the conversions you have done.

I would be really happy if you could convert some stuff from this page:
Bed, chairs, clutters. They are so lovely.

Thank you very much in advance. :)

Emmies said...

I'd love some christmas stockings for my fireplace now it's getting into december.

There's some nice stockings here:

Thanks so much for all your hard work! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm looking for the hair you used on the model for your new glases:

It's adorable!

kirabook said...

Hi, I needed props for my sims3 movie I am currently working on and was wondering if you could convert this...

O///O Quite embarrassing to ask, but it's important in my movie somewhat. I was also looking for a pile of messy clothes, but have yet to find any. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you do :D

kerim.s said...

I like OMP's. They where helpful. I want to have some for suraces (tables, kitchen dining, end table ...)shelfs, comfort (couch, lounge. chair ...) and other that i can't penetrate now.
thank you in advance

Hayley said...

Hi, could you please say where did u get this pattern from (the wall)
Thanks =*
btw, fantastic stuff you have here =]

brynhild said...

I see that you have lots of requests, and sorry if I'm asking to much, but I would be grateful if you can convert some of stuff from this site
I like everything, but some of their clutter would be good for the start, I leave you a choice, choose easiest. thanks
and clutter that you converted already is great.

shiruvia said...

Could you convert these black necklace :

name of the accessory : Roseaccessories_0077

Anonymous said...

hi, it would be great if you could download any clutter from 8-3 studio, i'm still figuring out how to do it, thanks

Anonymous said...

hey is there anyway you could convert this eeyore stuffed animal for ts2 into an animal for ts3?

the "unofficial" download link is here
it is under the file name " xnm_teddy_eeyore_x001.rar "

and the picture link is here


Maria said...

Hello !
First of all : happy new year !
could you convert this plant ?
you can find it here :
I only need plants, not fences
thank you very much !

Kylie said...

Hi. :)

(that's the link for the download)

and the picture is:

it can be found on


Astreas (Mia) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ajÖya said...

Hello infu,
First let me start by saying your latest, "Project (Hair 18 by MyoS)" is phenomenal! I'm a huge fan and with that being said, I was wondering if I may request a small one. =) I've been dying to have the TS3 male's "Mock Hawk" converted to female. Shocking no one has done it yet! I figured you would be the greatest person to ask. It can be found here:

Thank you so much if you can find the time.


Emmies said...

I'm absolutely dying for a wheelchair, and I'm sure many others would also like it. It doesn't have to be useable, just as a chair would be fine, and good for stories and such.

Thank you so much if you decide to take this request - Your meshing skills are perfect for this kind of job, and the sim community will thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

I would def like a few things from sims 2 for 3 here is a small list the link and then the title of the dl underneith
raket easel
Poleroids [under bend or break part 2]
magazine stacks [under the pilgrim must dl meshes from another source listed]
keys [under objects on page 3]

ok thats it for now i think
thank you!

i shall keep checking back i love this site and check often

Aiden said...

Hi, I saw the gorgeous Sims Store bob you converted, and was wondering if you would convert another Sims Store file? :)
The very first one, called "Dashing Modern Bangs".
Thanks! :D

Danielle said...

Hey just found your site and love what your doing!

Got a friend over at LJ who gave me permission to find someone to convert their hairs into sims 3
up for the challenge?

have a look, hope you like :)
she's also got some nice wallpapers that would make wicked patterns if you fancy that
D :)

Flajko said...

Hi there,can you please convert the MyoS Female hair's very popular hair and only one that would look good on my Angelina Jolie sim :)

Anonymous said...

You are trully awesome!
I have every single item that you converted in my downloads folder! :D
I wanted to say to you a long time ago but i thought that it would be rude of me :(
I want desperately someone to convert this hairstyle:
(The Maxis messy men hair)
It was my favourite one but nobody converted it...:(
So please if you find the time and if you want to please make an attempt to convert it...
I would be so gratefull... :)
Thank very much..

Anonymous said...

I love your farm animals. You have done a great job! But I think there is one animal missing. Is it possible to convert one of these horses??

It would be greatfull, if you can do this!


Shana said...

Hi, thanks you so much for being open to convert things for us, poor people that can't mod or mesh.

My request isn't about cnverting or creating something but I wanted to know if you were planning to upload your new female model. She's so sublime. Or maybe it isn't from you ? If it isn'T, can you give us the link *pitty puppy eyes* and of course...

PS; sorry if my english is not great, I understand but i'm not good at writing. My mother tongue is french.

Anonymous said...

hi, it would be really great if my sim is able to do her laundry, can you please convert these washer and dryer?

Erin Blair said...

Can you please converted the Sims 2 female basegame hairs to Sims 3. I especially want the Bella & Nina hair. Plus others as well.

Also, can you please convert more from the EA Sims 2 store? :) I love your conversions!

Mastering said...


You hair conversions are really great! Thank you for sharing them all.

Can you also convert this male hair, Hanui? Please?
It's a very cool hair and I really want to have it in my game.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you convert these items..
The origin site has been closed,
so, I can only find these lovely items on this site..

Index of / JapaneaseSets / JapaneaseNewYear.rar

Index of / WallsFloors / Set11WallsFloors.rar / tatami1.sims2pack, tatami2.sims2pack

These japanese items are so pretty.
So I'd love to see them in my Sims3, too..

Thank you.

Arisuka said...

Hi ya!

Here's some band stuff, like amplifiers and micks, I'd love to have some of them converted for TS3! :)


Anonymous said...

Can you please convert those items

TenerifeTerreur said...

I have a little request...
I love Rubber duck's

Can you make some of them for me???

Anonymous said... s/HelgaSims_hair_91.rar

Conversion from sims2 to sims3.
Seen a few other people request this hair so glad to know I'm not the only one who misses it.
xo Beth

Marrtov said...

Can you please convert this:

I´ve been searching a sims 3 biliards table everywhere but couldn´t find it.

Convert It plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RosemaryN said...

I have know idea if you are interested in this, and if you're known with mts. but I came across these wonderful festive paper star lamps made by BabaYaga from mts and it's a shame they are for s2 and not for s3.

if you like them you it would be great if you'll convert them to s3, if not I won't kill you for it =)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to cancel that last request I had, is all! lol Thank you!

Clariz said...

I would LOVE if you could convert these pillows... ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I would really love to have the movie camra that is in the new Pictures Studio in Late Night. You cannot get this seperate from the lot and i need it for my sims. Here is a picture:

The cameras are circled in red.

If you cannot make these, are you able to some sort of camera that looks like am movie camera please?

Thank you

ultrasushi said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could convert more of Exnem's foods from TS2 to decorative items? There's a few sets in particular that I would love, if you could give them a try that would fantastic. :)
These are available for free. I would like all the pies and cakes if that's possible, but only the whole shape (not like it's been eaten)
I would like the whole tray with the pastries.
Same for here, with the tray.
Here too, the croissants on the tray.
And these, which are also available on the booty.

I can give you all the links to specific files if you want. :)

I also found these gorgeous wedding cakes that would look great in the bakery I'm building for TS3.

Thank youuuuu for even just reading this. I realise I'm asking you for many many many complicated things, I'm sorry about that. There's just not a lot of decorative food for TS3 yet! :(

Anonymous said...

it seems you have not been active for a long time, but if you are still there, i would like:

shelf with pics by

thanks, love your stuff! :)

Ramon said...

I would like you to give me a link to the tutorial on how to convert objects to the sims 2 3 sims, and would like to convert this file min:

Note: Sorry the writing is because I am Brazilian and I admire his work.

Ramon said...

My email is

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to convert this to sims3pack?
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if you can do conversions of all of Yuxi's Fallout 3 stuff which was for Sims 2. I love, love, love them but only have TS3. Some are clutter, some are useable and making the items recolorable would also be absolutely fantastic!!! I know there is a lot but all of it is awesome. Again, I know you do clutter so I don't know if making the terminal, tv, chair, telephone, lamp, etc useable would be possible but I figured I would give it a try.

Boe said...

If you have the time or inclination (after all your other projects/requests I mean), I'd like to know if it's possible to convert Ros's Sims2 cupcake and pastry deco/clutters. As of now they're listed on her furniture page ( ).

The items are listed 2nd and 3rd on the page; Cupcakes on Stands and Cakes, Biscuits and more respectively.

I combed through your site to make sure these items haven't already been converted or requested, my apologies if I've somehow missed them >_<!

In any case, thanks for converting all these deco objects. I use pretty much all you've converted lol

Anonymous said...

hello! i adore your "another glasses conversion", but no longer works in the us. could you please put it on a different website? thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

These are sims games. Feel the awesim.

durban101 said...

is there another link for the camera conversion? there is no file on the site.

KashaR said...

I see that you've done a hair conversion and was wondering if you would try your hand at more. I've seen some great African American hair for TS2,but would like them for TS3. There are a lot of people who would like to see more African American hair as well.

It would be great if you got a chance to try some of these.I know I've given a long list of wishes. Thanks for reading my request.

Anonymous said...

Can you please convert this hairs by peggy:

SinKitty said...

3 simple requests:
1)Please come back!♥
2)Please update this link
3) See #1 :)

devylzangyl said...

Can you put up the bear conversions again? They say error when I try to download them.

promghost07 said...

I put the three hairstyles I'd love to see converted in one photo. I can separate them into individual photos, if you'd like me too. But these are it:

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