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Objects are only for the Sims 3. They are not made by me. It's only conversion or recolor! If you don't like object or it's size, please don't leave me negative comments, cause I DIDN'T CREATE IT. You can download object for TS2, try to convert or resize it by your own and be fully satisfied. Big thanks to creators of s3pe, s3oc, ObjectTool, SimPE cause I convert all this stuff with this programs and I use tutorial from (thank you Jonesi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only convert clutter for now. If you want to make request please give me links. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please request here I WILL IGNORE REQUESTS GIVEN IN ANOTHER POSTS!

Another clutter conversion by me +)


Bag (requested)

Stephenie Meyer books

Coffee mug


- bag by steffor
- books by ~Monica~
- lipstick, mug, calculator found here

Download  (package and sims3pack files that don't conflict with WA and 2.33 version of the game are included )


KAI said...

yay thanks for the books!!

B said...

Thank you for the recent conversions. Just wondered if you gave any thought to the water heater conversion requested a while ago? I just wanted to know if you were interested, so if not, I can ask someone else. Thanks for the consideration tho.

Infusorian said...

B, I was trying to convert it but it has 2 textures and 2 meshes. As soon as I understand how to convert such things I will do it.

Anonymous said...

Ohh me likey a lot :) Especially the lipstick!!! If you find more makeup or perfum stuff to convert I'd be really happy.
And maybe you could convert this:

I know it's early for christmas... ^-^

B said...

Oh okay. I do always request something that is not normal and regular. Sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that Steffor bag. Been wanting it for so long :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You

Great work :) You're the Queen

Lorry said...

Great clutter......Thankyou very much

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my Simmies would be lost without your conversions.

Veronica Medved said...

Page not found - oh, thank you very much!

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