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Objects are only for the Sims 3. They are not made by me. It's only conversion or recolor! If you don't like object or it's size, please don't leave me negative comments, cause I DIDN'T CREATE IT. You can download object for TS2, try to convert or resize it by your own and be fully satisfied. Big thanks to creators of s3pe, s3oc, ObjectTool, SimPE cause I convert all this stuff with this programs and I use tutorial from (thank you Jonesi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only convert clutter for now. If you want to make request please give me links. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please request here I WILL IGNORE REQUESTS GIVEN IN ANOTHER POSTS!

Requested by Victor_tor threads conversion




starglitters9909 said...

I love your site. These will go great with the sewing machine I have. Thankyou !!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Krystan said...

Can I request something?

I'd really like the objects converted from this set: I mainly want the stuffed animals, dolls and the 2 perfume bottles. Also, I'm not sure if you can extract stuff from TS2 or not, but I'd really like the bowl of sea glass that you could dig up on the beach in BV.

Shine-Elegance said...

Can i request some things too :D? (the duck)

apple mac lachie said...

can i request something.
the Tokyo set on tsr.

and to get it for free

please because i love this in sims 2 and now have move to sims3 and its sims 2 custom content and dose not work with sims 3.

Helios said...

I don't know what's so special about these spools, but I absolutely sure I want them :)

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