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Objects are only for the Sims 3. They are not made by me. It's only conversion or recolor! If you don't like object or it's size, please don't leave me negative comments, cause I DIDN'T CREATE IT. You can download object for TS2, try to convert or resize it by your own and be fully satisfied. Big thanks to creators of s3pe, s3oc, ObjectTool, SimPE cause I convert all this stuff with this programs and I use tutorial from (thank you Jonesi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only convert clutter for now. If you want to make request please give me links. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please request here I WILL IGNORE REQUESTS GIVEN IN ANOTHER POSTS!

Random TS2 conversions + some requests

Finally I reinstalled everything and patched again so game works ^_^
I have conversions from TS2 game:

Cereal boxes

Kitchen clutter

 Rack bohemian


 Tea set

Fruit bowl


And requested stuff:

Gingerbread heart

Wall deco


- Gingerbread heart and wall deco by steffor
- Scissors by marilu

Scissors: mediafire | 4shared
Gingerbread heart & wall deco: mediafire | 4shared

Box links tomorrow, cause box is off for me =/


Anonymous said...

I love the stuff you do, Thank you so much for everything you've done. Which without would make my house's dull.

Marisa said...

Thanks! I especially love the TS2 conversions. :)

Anonymous said...

Loving the radiator. I just asked about someone making one of these the other day. :D

LILI said...

Ooo I am so happy you`re back again. Love the new stuff. Thank you!

mariarita said...

Congratulations beautiful works you're a star..

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the kitchen clutter. When I tried to install it with the monkey it told me a file with that name would already exist... did you name one of your older kitchen clutter items the same way maybe?

Infusorian said...

OMG, I think it's kitcheclutterconversion, I don't remember =S, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Found the file with the same name^^ It's that Senseo coffee clutter^^ Btw, I love the hanging branch sooo much <3

TheUnicorn said...

Thank you so much, am so glad that you do this for us!!!
I hope that you contignue doing this, getting sooo greedy, lol.
Great that your game is up to date again, have fun playing...

Rhiannon said...

Yes! Wicked cool stuff. Thanks for all your hard work. I am so loving your conversions.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm so happy you are back!

Infusorian said...

Thank you (:

Anonymous said...


I love the conversions clutter is my fav stuff next to CAS cc :]
I dunno if anyone has requested this yet but the prop hack at Mts has some pretty niffty items

Thanks a bunch!

Liki said...

it would be nice to have a Manor House Collection: Gourmet Kitchen by phoenix_phaerie in the sims3

Liki said...
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